A little bit about Kent Food Hubs and what we do.

Kent Food Hubs is a community, a cooperative, and a social enterprise that connects local people with local food traders through online markets.

The community

We run online markets where you can buy some of the best food and produce available in Kent. We stock products that are:

  • produced locally

  • good for our communities

  • good for our planet

  • affordable

We believe that everyone should have access to heathy food that also helps to nourish our planet. We make our food as cheap as possible for you, while giving our producers as high a price as possible.

We've set up this business to make a real difference to people's lives and to keep our community thriving.

The social enterprise

We've set up Kent Food Hubs to help local people and local producers. We give as much as possible to our producers and take as little as possible from consumers.

Everyone gets access to good food, and our producers make a decent living. This is how we look after our community.

The cooperative

We're a people-centred business driven by shared values and principles. Anyone can become a member of the cooperative and vote on important decisions that directly influence how we develop and grow as an organisation.

Start engaging with us and get involved in how we run Kent Food Hubs.

‚ÄčFind out more on our website.