Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kent Food Hubs?

Kent Food Hubs is a social enterprise and cooperative that allows the people of Kent to buy fresh food food from local producers through online markets - all at affordable prices.

Why are you doing this?

We want to make it easier for people in Kent to do good for themselves, their families, the community and our planet. We want to give local people the opportunity to spend their money in a way that feels positive, rather than a weekly chore at a supermarket. Simply put, we want to make a real difference to the lives of the people in our community.

Why are there so many hubs?

Because there are so many communities in Kent. Each community has its own local producers and people with specific needs, preferences and interests, so each community runs its own market. Kent Food Hubs supports all of them.

Do the people running Kent Food Hubs get paid?

Everyone running KFHs is volunteering their time for free at the moment. But we aim to pay them a living wage as soon as we're financially able to do so.

How does Kent Food Hubs make money?

We make money in a variety of ways:

  1. Markup on what our consumers buy in the hubs (12% for non-contributors, 10% for contributors), charged at checkout.

  2. Regular contributions from people: Consumer Members and Supporter Members.

  3. Events: food markets around Kent where the traders pay for a stall or workshops where people pay to participate.

  4. Grants: for workshops and educational activities, all connected to food in some way.

Have a look at our finances.

Do you only sell food?

No! We offer a huge range of products, similar to what you can buy in supermarkets. We're all for supporting the local economy, so we also stock products from local craftspeople and producers of other goods.

So, why is it called Kent FOOD Hubs then?

What is the Open Food Network?

The Open Food Network is an e-commerce platform which allows traders to sell their produce online at a price that works for them. By using this platform, we're supporting a global community of technologists that are passionate about the same things as us.

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