Questions about running a hub.

As a hub manager, should I prioritise stocking similar products?

The range of stock you carry is up to you. Let's say you have a soap producer who makes her soap locally and sells it for £4 per bar. You also have a producer selling through the hub who can sell soap for £2.50 per bar. You as the hub manager can decide whether to sell both products and let your consumers decide between the two or to sell only one kind of soap. You may decide that with a product like bread, for instance, that you might stock several different types of bread such as organic, sourdough or different grains.

How do I name my order cycle?

It's best to include the date in the cycle name, e.g. 'St Paul's Church pick-up point 4th March'. This makes it easier for the customer and also means that order cycles won't overlap.

It's easy to create a copy of the previous order cycle, but if you do this then make sure that you change ALL of the details - timings, name, new products, and delivery date (on the last tab).