Questions about running the cooperative.

Why are you called 'Kent Food Hubs'?

For many different reasons.

  • We're based in Kent: enabling Kent consumers to shop and Kent traders to sell. Read more.

  • We focus on Food: our hubs also sell other products but food is what brings it all together. Read more.

  • We focus on Hubs: it all all happens in our hubs. They are marketplaces but also communities. Read more.

Why are you a community interest company (CIC)?

We're committed to making a positive difference for decades to come by running a business that helps others.

The UK government has set up the legal form called 'community interest company' (CIC) to allow social enterprises that are serious about their mission to show others that they can be trusted. CICs are not for profit organisations - the regulator ensures that the money they make is mainly spent on fulfilling the organisation's mission. We wanted to make sure that no matter who controls Kent Food Hubs CIC, they put the mission first and reinvest the profits in making a greater impact.

Government guidance on Community Interest Companies can be found here.

Why are you running a cooperative?

We want to make a difference to consumers and traders in Kent. We want to make sure that we're acting in the best interests of those who we're aiming to serve. Setting up a cooperative - where those people can become members and influence how the organisation runs - was a logical step.

Find out more about what cooperatives are by visiting this website (Cooperatives UK).

Why are you using Open Collective?

Open Collective allows us to manage our finances so everyone can see where money comes from and where it goes. We want to keep our finances transparent so everyone knows that their money is being used to make positive change.