How we deal with money

As mentioned elsewhere, we are a social enterprise; we work for a cause and not for making profits.

However, as any other enterprise, we make financial transactions. We get money from consumers for the goods they buy, we take membership fees and sell event tickets, we pay some people for some of the time they invest into KFHs.

We are commited to doing all of this in a transparent manner. We want traders and consumers to know that we are not wasting their money. We want everyone to know that this is not for personal enrichment but for the better of Kent and the planet at large. We ALSO want everyone to know how little money we actually have so they are inclined to give us some more (by signing up as members or by donating).

Seeing how much money we have

To handle our funds in a transparent way we are using an online platform called Open Collective. There, you can find out how much money we currently have, who is giving us money (memberships and donations), and who we have paid for goods or services. Check out our page on Open Collective.

In line with our distributed structure (letting each Hub be as independent as sensible), you can also look into the financial situation of your local hub. Go to the 'More ways to contribute' section on this page to check it out.

Trading funds

As the Hubs grow our main income stream is going to be our trading activity. We are using the Open Food Network platform for this purpose. People pay for their shopping by card and, via a service called Stripe, the money ends up in our bank account. Every week we update our budgets on our Open Collective pages to show how much money we have made from trading that week.