How we do ethics

This page introduces the two major aspects of how we do ethics at KFHs: 1. Statement of Ethics and 2. Minimum Standards.

We prioritise local food/local economies and we prioritise getting consumers out of corporate supermarkets as quickly as possible. To achieve this we set out minimum standards AND a direction of travel for all traders.

The direction of travel is set out in the statement of ethics and traders HAVE TO get on board with that direction of travel (we assess that by looking at traders' statement of intent). If traders don't want to commit to improving their impact on, for example people and planet, they cannot be a part of Kent Food Hubs.

We develop minimum standards for traders to follow. This is a process, led by KFHs staff, thate gets traders to set their own standards; standards that push the boundaries of their ethical practices whilst also enabling consumers in Kent to access a whole range of products that is being produced here.

Beyond this our approach is one that fosters transparency. For starters, all the filled in statements of intent (from all the traders) will be available online. Also, we will be organising workshops with and/or visits to the traders so that consumers can get an impression of who they are buying from themselves. We encourage everyone to take part in this.