Digital tools we use

This page gives people in the cooperative a single reference for the most important digital spaces we use to run the coop.

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We are using a range of different tools for different purposes.

Selling food and other products to consumers

We do this by using the Open Food Network; an organisation that is aligned with our ethics and understands what we are trying to change about our food systems.

Ashford Hub

Folkeston Hub

Casual communication

Most casual communication between people that have a relationship with the Hubs happens either face-to-face or in Whattsapp groups.

Communicating with consumers

Most of this happens on our social media accounts and our website. However, we also communicate with our supporters on our Open Collective sites (KFHs, Ashford, Folkestone).

Coordination with traders (in the different hubs)

There are Whattsapp groups for each hub that include the people coordinating the hubs and the traders. Hub Coordinators add traders to these groups. They are used for quick and short engagements with and between traders where the conversation is relevant to all of the traders that deliver to a particular hub.

Most of the more complex (longer text) type of communication in hubs is done via Emails.

When things are only relevant to a single trader then 1on1 communication via messaging, phone calls, or Emails are the norm.

Raising and accounting for funds

Besides our trading income we have other income. We have two types of paid membership consumers can sign up for. We accept donations. We also sell event tickets and so on. All of that we do on our Open Collective sites (KFHs, Ashford, Folkestone).

Running hubs

Besides the Whattsapp groups above (for coordination with traders) there is a dedicated messaging space for all the people that work with KFHs on a day-to-day basis. This is called Mattermost; the service is provided by the Digital Life Collective. Only people that regularly do work in any of the hubs or that regularly do work for KFHs (the cooperative) are invited to join that space. Once you have been invited and signed up you can login here:

Running Kent Food Hubs (the Coop)

There are a range of other tools the directors use for running the Coop: