Creating your profile

How to set up your profile on the Open Food Network, the software we use to run the online hubs.

Step 1

Go to

This is the registration page for all people and businesses who want to sell products through hubs.

Step 2

Have a look around and familiarise yourself with how the Open Food Network works. Then follow their guide to create your profile and list your products:


Step 3

When you get to the 'enterprise permissions' stage, search for the local Kent Food Hub that you're selling with. Give them the following permissions:

  • add to order cycle: allows the hub coordinator to add your products to the list of items the customers in the hub can choose from.

  • edit profile: allows the hub coordinator to, for example, add a link to your statement of intent

Step 4

Let the hub coordinator/s know that you've set up your profile and that you're happy for them to start selling your products.

Step 5

Respond to any queries, comments or suggestions that the respective hub coordinator/s might have.