Getting selling

How to start selling with Kent Food Hubs.

Step 1. Learn about us

Get to know a bit about us through the information we've provided in this guide and on our website.

Step 2. Get in touch with us

Let us know that you want to sell your products through Kent Food Hubs via email: enquiries [at] kentfoodhubs [dot] co [dot] uk

Please include the following in your email:

  • Why you want to sell through Kent Food Hubs

  • What type of business you run

  • What you would like to sell

  • Where you want to sell (at which which hubs)

  • Why you feel your business and products are a good fit for us

Step 3. Speak to a Hub Coordinator

We'll put you in touch with the Hub Coordinators who are relevant to your location and business. If you want to sell through several different hubs, we might put you in touch with the Director representing the Hub Coordinators instead.

Together you'll talk through the arrangements in more detail and decide on where (at which hubs) and what to sell. Once you're both happy, we'll invite you to sign up formally.

Step 4. Sign up formally

We'll send you an invite to a signup form - the information you provide will allow us to manage our relationship.

We'll ask you to fill in a Statement of Intent that outlines how your business practices and aspirations align with our statement of ethics. We'll also ask you to sign our trader agreement when you join.

Step 5. Get ready to sell

Now that the documents are signed and we've agreed where and what you will be selling, you're ready to get selling. Set up your profile on the Open Food Network UK, upload your products and stock levels, and give the relevant hub/s permission to sell your products. Your products will then be included in the future order cycles.

Step 6. Sell stuff!

You're in charge of your own profile, products, and prices, so you have control over how your selling is going. At some hubs, you'll even be able to sell in person too when consumers collect their products, and if you participate in the events we run to promote the hubs.

There are plenty of ways to improve your sales - the best thing to do is to speak to your hub coordinator(s). We've explained how this works in more detail here:

Step 7. Reap your rewards

Once you've delivered your products, we'll pay you for what you've sold at the price you've set.