Order cycles and deliveries

How our order cycles work and what you need to know about deliveries and drop-offs.

At the end of an order cycle

When an order cycle ends, the hub coordinator will send you a list telling you how many of each of your items have sold. You'll need to pack your products according to that list and deliver in time for collection day. We'll use this list to check that you've fulfilled your delivery.

During an order cycle

You can keep an eye on how well your products are selling while order cycles are open. Just log into your Open Food Network account, go to 'Account' -> 'Reports' -> Click 'Order Cycle Customer Totals' -> Set the parameters (sold when, through which hub, through which order cycle, choose yourself as producer) -> Click 'Search'.

Order cycle timings

Ashford Hub

  1. Opens for customer orders at 17:00 on Monday.

  2. Closes 12:00 the following Monday.

  3. Drop off: Producers must drop off goods by 15:00 on Thursday.

  4. Consumer collects on Thursday between 17:00-19:00.

Folkestone Hub

  1. Opens for customer orders at 01:00 on Monday.

  2. Closes 23:45 on Sunday.

  3. Drop off: Producers must drop off goods by15:00 on Tuesday.

  4. Consumer collects on Tuesday between 17:00-19:00.

Sharing drop offs

We encourage you to share drop offs with other traders to save yourself money, cut down traffic and keep your food miles low. Our hub coordinators will be happy to help you organise this.