Getting your order

All about home delivery and collecting your order.

🕺 Great news - you've submitted your order! Let's now make sure it gets to you.

When can I collect my order?

Remember when you submitted your order, it had a set order cycle.

It looked a little like this.

Underneath it says 'Ready for'. That is the timeframe during which you can pick up your order. In the above example you'd need to pick up your order on 3rd March 2020 between 5-8pm.

Where do I collect my order?

When you finalised your order, you chose a shipping method. This is where you'll find your pickup location.

It looks like this before you commit to your purchase.

You can also find your pickup time and location in your order confirmation email.

An example from a confirmation Email.

Can I get my order delivered to my house?

That depends where you are. Go to the shop that's nearest to you and look at the delivery options when you're checking out (before paying).

Eventually, all hubs will offer home delivery. We're working on it!

Can I collect my order from somewhere else?

You'll see all of the collection options when you checkout your order. Each hub (e.g. Folkestone, Ashford) decides what pickup locations to offer.

The best way to add more pickup locations is to get involved with the local Hub Circle, where you can help to set up new collection points.

Can I collect my order at a different time?

You'll see your collection time when you checkout. Each hub decides what times to offer.

The best way to get a bigger range of pickup times is to get involved with the local Hub Circle.

What if I'm running late to collect my order?

Please contact your local Hub Coordinator.

Can I purchase other items in person when I collect my order?

Yes, often you can - depending on which traders are there at your pickup time.

Each hub organises pickups independently and takes a different approach depending on their capacity, staffing and available space.

We recommend getting involved in your local Hub Circle to help to create new ways in which consumers can buy sustainable products.