Getting shopping

The basic steps for buying stuff in the hubs.

🥳 Great, you've decided that you want to give Kent Food Hubs a try. Thank you for supporting us!

You can either jump straight into ordering as a guest OR create an account first.

Step 1. Find the nearest Hub to where you live:

  • Folkestone

  • Ashford

Step 2. Go to their online shop:

Step 3. Check when the next order cycle closes:

This tells you when your order will be ready for collection OR delivery.

Step 4. Choose the products you'd like to buy:

Add the quantities you'd like to buy.

The basket will automatically update when you type a number in the box. You don't not need to click anything else to add the items to your basket.

Use the search bar to find what you're looking for or type in the name of a supplier to see only their produce. When you delete the search term from the box, you'll return to the main list.

You can also search by category or characteristic. If you want to see only organic products, you can click on the 'organic' characteristic from the grey buttons opposite the search bar. If you want to see only see Bread & Baking Products, you can select that button from the range of blue buttons.

To remove a filter, just click on the button again. To remove all filters and return to the main list, click on the red "Clear all".

Step 5. When you've finished choosing, go to your shopping basket:

Find it in the top right corner.

Step 6. Check if you have everything you need in your cart:

Step 7. When you've finished adding products, click on 'Checkout now':

Step 8. Enter your details (if you don't already have a profile on the Open Food Network):

Enter your details here.

Step 9. Enter your billing details/address:

Enter billing details.

Step 10. Choose your pickup/delivery method:

Enter shipping details.

Step 11. Enter your payment details:

Enter payment details.

Step 12. Submit your order by clicking 'Place order now'.

Step 13. 🥳 Pick up your order at the specified place and time OR wait for it to be delivered.🚚