Our products

What we offer and where it comes from.

Where does the stuff come from?

As much as possible comes from Kent. We try to source anything else (bananas, rice, toiletries and so on) that we don't produce here in conscious ways, considering both people and planet.

How fresh is the produce?

Most of the perishable goods are sourced from within Kent (e.g. meat, vegetables, milk, eggs). These products are made available to you as soon as possible after they're produced. For example, your eggs may well have been laid in the short timeframe after you've placed your order and before you've collected your shopping.

We source anything that we can't get from Kent as closely as possible (to reduce food miles). Freshness and quality are two of the most important factors in the products we sell.

How do I know the products are ethically sourced?

Local producers sign agreements that commit them to producing, processing and packaging their products in the most ethical ways possible. We choose producers and suppliers from further afield on the basis of their ethical credentials. This is a work in progress, and we have already made a good start:

If you want to get involved in the ethical aspect of Kent Food Hubs, please get in touch with enquiries [at] kentfoodhubs [dot] co [dot] uk