How we talk about Kent Food Hubs.

Food Hub

A community and marketplace in a location (e.g. Ashford) where food gets delivered to by traders and distributed to consumers. There is more to it than this though.


A person or business that buys products in the hubs to use and consume.


A person or business that sells products in the hubs.


People that help make Kent Food Hubs happen. That includes volunteers, staff, and people who make financial contributions like donating or signing up for a membership (consumer member or supporter member).

Consumer Member

People that give us £2 per month and shop at a reduced rate (10% markup instead of 12%). Join here!

Supporter Member

People that give us £5 per month and shop at a reduced rate (10% markup instead of 12%). They will also be given the choice to become a formal member of the cooperative. Join here!

Casual Member

Those who have signed up as members with the cooperative and leave the running of KFHs to other people. They are the foundation of KFHs - they are all the consumers and traders that make KFHs the diverse community it is.

Committed Member

Those members who signed up with the cooperative and help to run KFHs in one way or another. This might be by sorting boxes at their local hubs, or by getting involved in one of the circles we have (see below). Find out more here.

Hub Coordinator

Each hub has a person (or various people) in this role. The hub coordinators make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in the different hub locations.

Folkestone: luke [at] kentfoodhubs [dot] co [dot] uk

Ashford: beckie [at] kentfoodhubs [dot] co [dot] uk

Hub Circle

Each hub has a hub circle. This is a team of consumers, traders and hub coordinator(s) that support each other in running the activities in a location (e.g. Folkestone). The circle is facilitated by the local food hub coordinator and members of KFHs who use that food hub can join the circle to support its operation. Each food hub circle commits to having a food hub coordinator, consumer and supporter members and traders represented.

Order Cycle

Each hub operates with order cycles. There is a set timeframe during which you can make your order (whilst the order cycle is open). This is followed by another timeframe during which the traders bring their products to the hub - then your order is ready for collection or delivery. Each order cycle has a deadline for making your orders and a set time for collection or delivery.

Statement of Ethics

A document that sets out, at the most general level, the values and aspirations we uphold in our food systems. Read ours below.